Monday, October 21, 2013

The work...

This past weekend we struggled to get the furniture from IKEA put together. I don't care how easy they say it is, Item A, B and C did not match the screws shown, no matter what the arrow what the arrow was pointing to! (LOL)

All in all, the furniture turned out great and the room, which we refer to as Krelborn, looks awesome! Waiting for the delivery of all of his posters, resources, etc. We will post pics after they are all up. At some point I will have to get the jumble of wires organized and hook up his computer. Wish us luck!

Mr. Dad and I sat down and discussed the overall lesson plan. We even purchased a lesson planner and grade book. This is more for organizational purposes, than for record keeping. We want to break The Hobbit away from the public school mindset. Each project and lesson, should be fun and engaging.

We want all the pressure and stress that the school system put on him to melt away. We are terribly nervous, but excited at the prospect of educating our child. He should begin school on Wednesday!

Now our main struggle is finding parents in the co-cop to perhaps participate in lessons with The Hobbit and set up some engaging play dates! Ms. Mom is back at work and cannot wait to get home to see what Mr. Dad and The Hobbit did today!


Ms. Mom

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