Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Journey Begun

Step 1. Removing our son from the 'system' of public school:

My husband and I just pulled our ten year old from the public school system for good. A decision that we both agonized over, we decided that it was best. Both being products of public school education we were fearful of the prospect of having the responsibility of educating him on our own. 

Our son, who we lovingly refer to as 'The Hobbit',  keeps a 100 average in all subjects, however, his conduct was just awful. We attribute this to boredom. Facing this situation since Kindergarten (yes, he kept the same 100 average all the way through to the 4th grade), we decided that we had had enough of public school, which offered no concern for his rare gift.

We are now setting up the classroom. Over the weekend, we purchased curriculum and a ton of furniture from Ikea. The Hobbit has a few days off until we can organize everything. Super excited for his new experience! 

If you are considering joining a Home school group, feel free to contact us for play-dates and parenting co-op if you live in the Houston area! 

Ms. Mom

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