Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015-2016 School Year! 6th Grade Here We Come

The Hobbit has successfully completed the 5th grade and is entering the 6th grade! We are sitting around this evening discussing curriculum and future projects. We get so excited when entering the school year planning stage. There is so much to be done. More detailed reporting will be necessary now that he is getting older. The most engaging aspect of homeschooling is that it never ends! It is year round! All parents educate their children, most just don't realize that homeschooling is just adding subject matter to daily instruction to your children. We have been teaching them since the moment that they were born. We cherish the moments as we watch our son grow, learn and achieve. Happy Homeschooling to all!


Mrs. Mom

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Homeschool Room - The First Three Weeks

Krelborn, as we affectionately call our classroom is fully stocked! We have had class for the past three weeks and have been super busy! 

Here a few pictures of our classroom. 

The furniture we purchased from IKEA of course. The rocker we removed from the twins nursery. We have two of them and hardly use them in the nursery so don't really need them anymore. I decided to utilize one for Krelborn as a reading center chair. I will put the other in our Master for mommy to relax in after a hard day!

If you have any questions about our set up, please let us know. If you have any suggestions, we are alllll ears!

Many blessings, 

Mrs. Mom

Monday, October 21, 2013

The work...

This past weekend we struggled to get the furniture from IKEA put together. I don't care how easy they say it is, Item A, B and C did not match the screws shown, no matter what the arrow what the arrow was pointing to! (LOL)

All in all, the furniture turned out great and the room, which we refer to as Krelborn, looks awesome! Waiting for the delivery of all of his posters, resources, etc. We will post pics after they are all up. At some point I will have to get the jumble of wires organized and hook up his computer. Wish us luck!

Mr. Dad and I sat down and discussed the overall lesson plan. We even purchased a lesson planner and grade book. This is more for organizational purposes, than for record keeping. We want to break The Hobbit away from the public school mindset. Each project and lesson, should be fun and engaging.

We want all the pressure and stress that the school system put on him to melt away. We are terribly nervous, but excited at the prospect of educating our child. He should begin school on Wednesday!

Now our main struggle is finding parents in the co-cop to perhaps participate in lessons with The Hobbit and set up some engaging play dates! Ms. Mom is back at work and cannot wait to get home to see what Mr. Dad and The Hobbit did today!


Ms. Mom

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Classroom/Play room

Well, we decided to get a start on The Hobbit's new playroom/class room. It needs to be inviting and he has to be willing to enter the room. (Ha) Therefore, we have been spending quite a pretty penny on remodeling the guest bedroom. Last night I went to our local Home Depot to secure some chalkboard paint. The cost of large chalkboards are astronomical for our family budget. This seemed the better option. To our amazement, the paint comes in several colors. The large bookshelves that we purchased are red, all activity tables and accessories are white. Task chairs are red. SO why not a RED chalkboard? Will post pic's when project is complete!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's in a Name?

Step 2:  The Hobbit wanted to name the new co-op. (Insert eye-roll and laughter here)

Drum roll. He decided that he wanted to name the co-op, the Krelborn Home School Co-op after his favorite show.You guessed it, Malcolm in the middle's character Malcolm's nerdy class group!

I hope we won't see in Reese-type antics during study hour!


Ms. Mom

A Journey Begun

Step 1. Removing our son from the 'system' of public school:

My husband and I just pulled our ten year old from the public school system for good. A decision that we both agonized over, we decided that it was best. Both being products of public school education we were fearful of the prospect of having the responsibility of educating him on our own. 

Our son, who we lovingly refer to as 'The Hobbit',  keeps a 100 average in all subjects, however, his conduct was just awful. We attribute this to boredom. Facing this situation since Kindergarten (yes, he kept the same 100 average all the way through to the 4th grade), we decided that we had had enough of public school, which offered no concern for his rare gift.

We are now setting up the classroom. Over the weekend, we purchased curriculum and a ton of furniture from Ikea. The Hobbit has a few days off until we can organize everything. Super excited for his new experience! 

If you are considering joining a Home school group, feel free to contact us for play-dates and parenting co-op if you live in the Houston area! 

Ms. Mom